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Fresh Choice Cigarette Injector : $490.00
  • Make a pack in about 2 minutes
• Appliance grade construction
• Made in the USA
• Reliable ~ Sturdy ~ WORKS


PowerMatic 2 Cigarette Injector : $99.00
  • Breaks the $100 barrier!
• Make a pack in about 10 Minutes
• Imported from China
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cigarette injector
Tobacco : just another indigenous weed.

The price of a pack in some areas has gone north of $6... that is 30 cents a cig. How could that happen when a cigarette is made of a weed and a piece of paper? Both of these things cost very close to nothing to produce.

The cost of a pack of cigarettes consists of taxes and corporate profits. That's it. If you are a smoker, you are being singled out and heavily penalized for your choice to smoke to the benefit of the State. There are many things wrong with this on many different levels.

With the sale of tobacco being highly controlled (as it should be), how is a smoker to fight back? You can make your own cigarettes from the components of cigarettes... a filter, a tube and loose tobacco.

There are still plenty of taxes on the components, so don't worry about the poor state not getting a cut. Let's not make the tax man too angry. And you would elminate consuming those additional chemicals that are added to premade packs.

cigarette injector
"But its tobacco, honest!"

You can roll your own, but unless you have alot of skill and time to learn, you are going to be smoking something that for all the world looks like a joint. Such is the typical 'roll your own' result. That is fine if you don't mind being pulled over, glared at by others and otherwise hassled by law enforcement.

A cigarette should look like a cigarette, and it should not involve paying a small fortune everytime you light up.

Enter the cigarette injector.

A cigarette injector makes cigarettes in the same way they are made in the factories at a lower speed, with a machine that injects tobacco into a premade, pre-filtered tube.

You can get the cigarette injector and all supplies on this site or you can just get the tobacco injector and go to a local tobacconist for tubes and tobacco. We even have an automatic subscription service through Fresh Choice where you can get tobacco and tubes in the mail without having to do anything further. Your card is simply charged once a month and the amount of tobacco and tubes is mailed out. Cancel at any time.

Cigarette Injector Trivia : People are surprised to find that the tobacco they receive is packaged as 'pipe tobacco'. This is because 'cigarette tobacco' is taxed all to hell, but all labeling aside they are basically the same. There have been some attempts by the powers that be to try and close this loophole, but for the extended foreseeable future the light is green. See the page on the Tobacco Shredder for more info.